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500+ SCADA Installations, 5000+ Gateway / RTU Installations

Substation Automation, ADMS, AMR, Telemetry Solutions, Windfarm SCADA, Energy Metering, Data Concentrator, Turnkey Projects 

Substation Automation System / Electrical SCADA

RsS SCADA based SAS System Interfaces with any BCU / IEDs / Metering Platform IEC 60870-5-101 / 104, IEC 61850, MODBUS, DLMS, ICCP & DNP3.
Electrical Distribution Infrastructure Automation /
Interfacing through ICx
RTUs,  Data Concentrator Solutions,  ICx Gateway Platform, Local Substation SCADA

   300 Substations > 70,000 Tags > upto 765KV > 4000 Devices

Cloud Enabled Electrical SCADA

lRsS WEB, a Cloud enabled Centralzed SCADA Platfrom, based on latest Angular, NODE, JS and HTML5 Technologies. integrated support for SVG Graphics and Enterprise Charting solution, resulting in  graphics of exceptional quality.  Secure and reliable cloud solution, as deployment audited by CERT-In certified auditors.

200,000 Tags > 60,000 Devices > 5 year Hostory > 200 Dashboards   

Energy Management System

RsS SCADA / WEB is a complete and comprehensive Energy Management Platform, which is able to perform all the activities meeting the requirements of ISO 50001. Inclusive of MODBUS, DLMS, IEC & OPC Data Concentrators. Database recording and recall of logged data as both trend graphs and tables. Powerful analytics with reports generation.

20,000 MW >  500 Wind Turbines > 25 Solar Plants > 6 Hydro Plants > 30 Thermal Plants > 5 Refineries

AMI / AMR / Meter Data Management / HeadEnd System

AMR / AMI Solutions
• Energy / Asset Management
• Remotely / Time defined Turn off Assets
• Shift Assets off peak
• Sensors based on Demand based Asset usage
• Downtime Reduction
• Automatic Detection
• Automated Verification of Restoration
• Fault / Restoration Reporting to Utility / Consumer
ICxM2M / Headend
• Allows secure communication between metering points and RsS MDM platform / other SCADA Platforms
• Support for IP based networks (LAN / GPRS / 3G / 4G)
• VPN:  
• Data Encryption
• Built-in Firewall
• Multiple Scaling Options

Projects Group

With Experience of various prestigious national & international SCADA / DCS projects,  RBH Projects team executes Turnkey projects including Design, Testing, Installation, Commissioning.

Key group functionaries are: System Design, Control Panel Design, Site Installation, Testing and Commissioning. 

Components: IT Infrastructure, Networking Components, Media Coverters, Ethernet Switches, Terminal Servers, Modems

Applications: SCADA System, Data Concentrator, RTU/FRTU, Gateway Solutions, Load Shedding, Solar Wind Farm Automation,


Substation RTU / Plant Telemetry

RBH ICxRTU provides Substation / Plant Telemetry Data interfacing to Local / remote SCADA System. RTU features the power of Input / Output (I/O), Communication Ports (Ethernet / Serial) of Advantech platform and for Data acquisition Communication capabilities of a RBH ICx Gateway / Data Concentrator Platform. Interfacing with 4G / 3G Modem and integrated VPN protocols, allows ICxRTU to securely connect over Public / Private IP to Central Servers.





More than 3000 ICxRTU Deployed    

ICxIEC Substation Gateway

ICxIEC Series of Embedded Substation Computers are Fanless with highly ruggedized with an embedded operating system.
Protocol Converter
Data Concentrator

The ICx Gateway supports the following Protocols:
IEC 60870-5-101 Master/Slave
IEC 60870-5-103 Master/Slave
IEC 60870-5-104 Client/Server
IEC 61850 Client/Server
ICCP Client / Server / Bi Directional
DLMS Master/Slave
OPC UA, DA & AE Client / Server

Distribution Management System

  • Cloud enabled WEB based SCADA Platfrom for Distribution Substations 
  • Local SCADA and Centralized SCADA System
  • M2M / Secure VPN based Central Communication Platform
  • Control Center Infrastructure
  • Substation RTUs / FRTUs
  • SAIDI / SAIFI Calculations
  • AMI / AMR / Meter Data Management Solution
  • Automatic Demand Management System 
  • Load Shedding
  • Outage Management System
  • DT Transformer Monitoring Unit
  • MDAS / Energy Management System
  • FRTUs / DCU / Substation Gateways
  • Substation Alerts (SMS & Email) Solution

RSL: Source Code Protocol Stack Libraries

Written in Standard C Source Code (conforming to ANSI C and Microsoft C Standards), RSL enables OEMs to integrate communication capabilities to product line. Multiple OS supports (Windows / Linux / VxWorks / QNX / ThreadX, RToS, POSIX Compliant). Supported Protocols are:

IEC 61850 / 101 / 103/ 104, MODBUS, DNP3, ICCP, BACnet, DLMS.  

Cyber Security Consultancy

RBH provides end to end Cyber Security Services. Key offerings are:


  • Review of the system architectures, policy, procedure, and any related compliance documentation, identify gaps and provide recommendations (IEC/ISO/NIST/NERC CIP)
  • Services: Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity Program Development


  • Defining appropriate solutions based on Assessment results. Definition of a secure system architecture design will be developed based on industrial secure framework chosen with customer
  • Services: Security Architecture design, Security Policy Creation, Security Process and Procedure Creation


  • Implement and deliver the solution on site, commissioning, Handover and end user training
  • Services: Hardware / Software Procurement, As–Designed Network and System Security Installation, Configuration, Hardening, Integration with existing business processes and applications, and Knowledge Transfer of Solutions


  • Continuous improvement and optimization to address new requirements due to evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

Services: Patch management, Product Upgrades, Awareness and Training, Annual Compliance and vulnerability Assessments, Incident Response support