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500+ SCADA Installations, 5000+ Gateway / RTU Installations

Reliable and Trusted SCADA and SCADA Communication Platform

RsS SCADA / HMI Solutions

RsS SCADA is a Reliable, Secure and Flexible platform for Monitoring, Control and Management for Electrical and Energy Infrastructure. With Integrated communication capabilities based on Industry Standards ensures Reliable, Flexible and Efficeint Solutions. Inbuilt Reporting / Alarm / Event Functions allowing complete audit of Equipment.

  • RsS SCADA Plant / Substation SCADA
  • RsS Web Cloud SCADA Platfrom

Key implementations

  • Substation Automation System
  • Electrical SCADA
  • Renewable SCADA
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Distribution Automation Solutions
  • AMI-AMR Solutions
  • Automatic Demand Management System 


UMAC ICx Gateway & IoT Platform

ICx Gateway: Universal Gateway solution with multi protocol / multi interface options. Based on Industry Standard Protocols (IEC 61850 / 101 / 103 /104, MODBUS, DNP, OPC , DLMS, ICCP, BACnet, EtherNet/IP ), and Cloud Communication Interfacing Stacks (VPN, MQTT, Thrift, RESTful HTTP APIs, Node). With more than 5000 installations deployed as Protocol Converter,  Data Concentrator,  M2M VPN Server, Plant Remote interfaces, Metering Gateway / Metering Head End System. 

ICx UMaC IoT Platfrom: Inbuilt Database and Logic building platform on top of ICxGateway protocol implementation. enables complete end to end solutions for EDGE & IoT Gateways.      

Key Implementations

  • ICx2272 / 2372 Substation Gateways
  • IEC 61850-3 Certified Gateway
  • IEC Gateways
  • BACnet Gateway
  • Ethernet I/P – IEC Gateways
  • MODBUS – IEC Gateways
  • IEC – OPC Gateways
  • ICx Data Concentrator
  • ICx M2M Gateway
  • DLMS IEC Metering Gateway
  • ICCP Gateway
  • Substation IEC Event & Alert SMS / Email Gateways
  • Automatic DR Extraction Gateway
  • UMAC IoT / Edge Gateway 

ICxRTU: FRTU & Remote IO

The RBH ICxRTU based on ADVATECH Hardware and ICx Gateway Platform. Its a  combination of Hardware IOs, Communication Ports (Ethernet / Serial) and ICx Platform. Supporetd Protocols:  MODBUS,  DLMS, IEC 101/103/104/61850, OPC, BACnet, MQTT and VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN) 

An IoT platform through Integration with Modems through secure VPN enabled monitoring of remote assets. 

  • ICxFRTU-1911
  • ICx Remote Telemerty Platform

RPA: Protocol Simulator / Testing

RPA 2004 is state-of-the-art solution designed for accurate protocol analysis.

  • Protocol Analysis
  • Protocol Simulation (MASTER / SLAVE / ANALYSIS)
  • Dynamic Displays (HEX Coded, Protocol Analysed, Database Mapped, Error Reporting)
  • Reports (Generation in Text Files, MS Excel Real-time)
  • History Logging

Supported protocols:

  • IEC 61850
  • IEC 60870-5-101
  • IEC 60870-5-103
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • DNP3