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ICx Gateway

RBH to Supply 2 ICx Gateway to Larsen and Tubro Ltd. (L&T)

RsS HMI Software

RBH to Supply 2 RsS Servers, 3 RsS HMI Software for Water Treatment Plant for SR Paryavaran 

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                          .....Complete Automation business


ERP Solution (Based on SBP Framework): Sampoorna is a complete solution designed to provide with real-time information of all business processes. Sampoorna is a customer-driven business process automation solution, enable organizations to optimize their business from the processís point of view. This will enable users with faster time-to-market products, greater knowledge of business at all levels.

Information Flow Architecture

Key Features Of SAMPOORNA are:

User Friendly:
Thin Client web based solution allows scalability, easy deployment and familiar user friendly interface.

Centralised system:
SBP is a multi layered n-tier application with centralized WEB Servers, Application Software and Database Server. Benefits: Easy to maintain, Easy to debug and deploy, Flexible and reduce complexity.

Build interoperability into all tiers so functionality can be added to existing systems. Adhere to open protocols and standards so other vendor solutions can be integrated.

Real-time data monitoring:
Further Sampoorna has ability to provide real-time visibility into business processes, monitoring a process across multiple systems, potentially on disparate platforms, even extending to external systems.

Business Automation:
Sampoorna automatically manage different processes such as allow manual intervention, extract purchase information from a database, add new vendors transaction information, generate transactions in multiple related systems, and support straight-though processing without human intervention when needed.

Centralised System Benefits :
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to debug and deploy
  • Flexible and reduce complexity
Thin Client web based technology Benefits :
  • Scalability
  • Easy Deployment

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