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ICx Gateway

RBH to Supply 2 ICx Gateway to Larsen and Tubro Ltd. (L&T)

RsS HMI Software

RBH to Supply 2 RsS Servers, 3 RsS HMI Software for Water Treatment Plant for SR Paryavaran 

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RsS System Modules

  Human-Machine Interface(HMI)

    RsS HMI is an innovative set of application that displays the acquired
    data to operators as useful information. Operators can monitor, analyse
    and control using HMI. All controls are initiated using more familiar
    interfaces that allows to make more informed decisions. All graphics
    are high-resolution. The pictures are configured for each process to
    help the operator with clear indication, in format, colour and video
    attributes. Online help functions are included.


    Alarm subsystem notifies operators to problems SCADA System With
    capability of processing all the events and alarms in the real-time
    with millisecond time stamping. Alarm's defined as Event and Logs,
    in the  Group associated with levels printable state Annunciation
    states. User defined associated logs for History information.

  Communication with Field Devices/PLC

    The Telecontrol Module is a heart of the system allowing the Operator
    to remote control the Devices. It handles the Telecontrol protocol and
    supplied device data according to the configuration. The System is
    delivered basically with one Main and one Alternate communication
    channel, single/multiple port, can be extended. Telecontrol module
    makes data conversion between its system format and the Telecontrol
    Protocols format. This is achieved through a database defined by
    configuration, from the site data and the other site requirements
    supplied by the Utility. This module provides support for wide
    array of PLC Platforms like Allen-Bradley, GE, Siemens, ALSTOM,
    ABB, Mitsubishi, etc.


    The printer is an Operator Log printer where all Operator actions and
    their consequences can be recorded without interfering with event log
    records. When alarms are printed they use the same labeling than the
    ones displayed on the alarm screen.

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