RsS Real Time SCADA Software
 .....Automate Engineering Information

RsS is a robust supervisory monitoring and control platform that allows you to build a solution to meet current and future Electrical Substation Control and Monitoring needs.

RsS (Real Time SCADA Software):  
RsS provides real-time functionality for local or remote supervision including event and alarm handling, reporting, disturbance recording and analysis as well as parameter setting. RsS includes following features :  
  • Reliable Data Acquisition and Supervisory Control
  • Compliance with Industry Standard/Proprietary Protocols and simultaneous multiprotocols support
  • Full graphics user interface support for all SCADA functions
  • Highly Flexible and performing system capable of handling thousands of alarms and SCADA information per second
  • Highly customisable screen generation
  • History Logging with any ODBC Compliant Database
  • Straight through processing
  • State-of-the-art reporting capabilities with reports can be exported into MS Excel for better viewing and analysis

System Modules:
Human-Machine Interface(HMI)
Innovative set of application Operators can monitor, analyse, control Substation using HMI.
Alarms can defined as Events and Logs User defined associated logs for History information.
Communication with Field Devices/PLC

Remote control the devices Telecontrol module makes the data conversion between its system format and the Telecontrol Protocols format.
Supported PLC / RTU: Allen Bradley, SIEMENS, GE FANUC, AR EVA, ABB

Operator Log printer
Targated Industry
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Electrical Substation Control and Monitoring
  • Hospitals