ICX Gateway Series
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RBH is committed to innovating data communication solutions for enhanced electrical information exchange. ICx Series Gateways are one such solution which further enhances existing Automation & Control systems by allowing reliable and cost effective integration of new systems. ICx Gateway is a product specifically designed for utilizing the existing infrastructure of SCADA and DCS (for which they are optimised) and for providing reliable and accurate Protocol Conversion.

 Features of ICx Series Gateway :

Full compatibility with Industry Standards Protocols

  • IEC 60870-5-101 / 103 / 104 / 61850
  • DLMS
  • Ethernet I/P
  • DNP3
  • OPC DA
Protocol Implementations

Typical Implementations:

  • Protocol Converter
  • Data Concentrator
  • Pass-through Configuration (Transparent Device)
  • RTU Platform for Advantech Adam 5550CE and MIC Devices
Operating Mode

Full featured Protocol Converter / Gateway  supporting following Platforms:

  • Personal Computers (PC Mode): ICx Gateway can be implemented on any WINDOWS 2000 / XP based computers provided with required serial and Ethernet ports.
  • Embedded Systems: ICx Gateway supports WINDOWS XPE / CE based devices.


  • Device Redundancy: ICx gateway devices can be configured for redundancy allowing seamless switchover from one device to another without effecting the communication.
  • Link Redundancy: Over a single ICx gateway, communication links (Serial / Ethernet) can be configured for redundancy, eliminating single point of failure.
ICx Key Project Refrences
  • Substation Gateway: ICx can communicate with SCADA System / remote devices (RTU / PLC / Transformers / IEDs) and transfer the data to Remote Control Centres.
  • Automatic / Remote Metering Device: ICx can read data from meters and communicate this data to AMR Applications.
  • IED Data Concentrator: ICx can communicate with Multiple IEDs over RS 485 / Ethernet and extends the full control for the Master Station over single interface for all the IEDs
ICx Gateway Series